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How to Download a Facebook Live Video


How to Download a Facebook Live Videos

Have you ever watched a Facebook live video and thought to yourself that you would love to keep a copy of it for later.

Sometimes we see a video that offers huge value but because it’s in our Facebook feed it will be gone in no time at all.

Fortunately, it’s now really easy to download that Facebook live video and keep it. In this article, we’ll walk you through this simple process in just two steps!

Step-by-step system on how to download your Facebook Live Video

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Note: This only works for your own Facebook Live Videos. If you want to download a Live that’s been shared by someone else on your feed or in a group, skip to the next section of this post.

Step 1: Find the video in your profile, feed or on your page

Probably the simplest way is to navigate to your page, and click on Videos in the left sidebar (if you shared it on your page).

Find the video you’d like to download and click on it to open it.

If you’re accessing the video via your feed, you’ll need to do things a little differently – you’ll want to click on the time stamp. This will make the video pop up, and you’ll also see all the comments on the right side of your screen.

Step 2: Click on the three little dots in the upper right-hand corner

You’ll now see the option to Download Video.

Click on this option and your video will automatically be saved to your phone or computer as an MP4.

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How to Download Someone Else’s Facebook Live

You will often see a Facebook live video on somebody else’s feed and want to save it for later.

This is not quite as straightforward as saving your own Facebook live content but there is a handy tool/site for doing just this.

Our site of choice is SaveFrom.net

How to Save a Facebook Live Using SaveFrom.net

As above, find the video you’d like to download and click on the time stamp to open it up and start playing it.

Now copy the URL from your browser’s address bar, then go to SaveFrom.net and paste the URL.

You’ll now have the option to download the MP4 in standard definition or high definition.

That’s it.

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