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How To Choose The Best Screen Protector For iPad Pro

There’s a ton of options to cover your screen— one of which is an iPad Pro screen protector. In this article we’ll give you some of our best picks

Apple’s screens were often rather small. Amazingly vibrant and sharp, but amazingly delicate. As a result, screen protectors for all of their devices are considered almost a basic requirement, particularly big ones like the Retina LED iPad Pro, which would be expensive to replace.

There’s a ton of options to cover your screen— one of which is an iPad Pro screen protector, so we’ll give you some of our picks, along with some tips to choose the best one.

Best iPad Pro Screen Protector: What to Consider?


You should understand the practical design of all such designs. Safe installation and safe insulation are decent enough to boost reliability, so you can rely on purchasing such items quickly. They’re extremely supportive. And they’re going to come in handy.


Screen protectors come in three main patterns: thin plastic glass, tempered, or hard plastic. The thin film will protect you, but not much else. When a drop happens, a tempered glass cover protects your screen but is considerably thicker. Lastly, hard plastic types are typically part of a larger case like an ESR but provide all-protection.


Since the iPad Pro comes in more than one size, e.g.11-inch, 12.9-inch, the screen protectors also do. Although it can say “iPad Pro” on it, make sure you choose the correct size for the device you have, because no protector can work on both.


Every protector has a lifespan before it will need to be replaced. For tempered glass, expect to replace it after any major drop that causes cracks, and the thin films will only last as long as it takes for the edges to curl and dust to strip away the adhesive.

Hard plastics have the longest lifespan but are more difficult to replace when they inevitably become scratched. You should pick a screen protector based on how much damage you think your iPad Pro will take and how often you can afford to replace it.

Built Quality

There are certain constructed-in qualities as you look at the material used in iPad cases. It depends on the scale, but you’ve got to try it out. Good built quality ensures greater use, so the company is never faced with such a single problem.

Those are big factors that matter a lot when buying a quality iPad case. When you don’t want to end up running into some issue while buying the right product, you need to remain careful and consider some important aspects.

Best Screen Protector for iPad Pro: Our Picks in 2020

iPad Pro 12.9 2020 Paperlike 12.9-Inch Screen Protector

First, the paperlike screen protector. Ideal for iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 versions. While not a glass-model, it has a highly reactive surface for smooth drawing, sketching, and writing, not to mention the thickness of 0.13 mm. With the installation kit and instructions, installation is fairly simple.

It protects from scratches, dust, and everyday wear and tear. The raised microphone and camera cutouts shield the two components from impact. You’ll also have access to face recognition and professional audio. With a matte finish, you’re well protected from glare and fingerprints.


  • 13mm thickness
  • High sensitive surface
  • Easy to install

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Matte Screen Protector for Apple 11-inch iPad Pro

The iPad Pro’s glass screen is stunning, but sometimes it can stun you with the glare from nearby light as well. This screen protector works two jobs, eliminating glare and protecting you from damage.


  • Offers anti-glare coating to help ease your eyes.
  • Apple pencil compatible
  • Offers the ability to be washed and reapplied.
  • The colored edges help it blend in better with your iPad.


  • It’s not tempered glass, so you have less drop protection.

iPad Pro 11 2020 Sketchbook Bundle

Need to buy a screen protector, but don’t feel like protecting your expensive and beautiful iPad? Then you need to look at ESR’s packets. The exclusive discounted bundle comes with a high-smart cover and two screen protectors so thin that they almost look like paper.

The case is light and ventilated, so don’t worry about overheating your iPad. It’s an Apple pencil and even faces recognition compatible. The case covers your iPad, supports wireless charging features as well as unique cutouts for all keys, buttons, and cameras.


  • Apple Pencil Compatible
  • Light and Ventilated
  • Specially treated surface

XIRON Paperlike iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Protector

If you like the idea of a flexible thin-film but prefer clear edges, this model from XIRON checks all the boxes. It has a glossy finish rather than matte and will withstand scratches from your keys, fingers, or anything that happens to bounce across the screen.


The thin film is easy to apply and doesn’t reduce the clarity of your screen.
It’s fingerprint resistant, and precision-cut to fit your iPad Pro.

Currently not available in matte, and not made of the more protective tempered glass.

JETech Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9-Inch

For protection that functions as a second, more durable screen, tempered glass is the way to go. In the event of a drop, a protector like this one from JETech takes all the impact and cracks, while preventing the real screen underneath from taking any damage.


  • Easy to install and virtually invisible, tempered glass feels just like your normal screen and will still work fine with a stylus.
  • It’s extremely effective at protecting your iPad in the event of a drop or bump and even comes with a second sheet so that you have time to order new ones before another accident.


  • Not anti-reflective, so you’ll still experience a glass glare.

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Useful Tips

If you never placed a screen protector on it, it may be hard at first. Only those experienced handled unwanted air bubbles, ice, or rough edges. It’s incredibly difficult, but how do you get it right?

First, try something pretty dust-and clean (if it’s damp, or a hot shower in the bathroom). Clean your hands so that you don’t get any oils on your protector, clean your screen with the most secure cloth, and follow the package instructions.

Bottom line

Screen protectors are virtually hassle-free alternatives to the cost of using an iPad Pro. They are our almost invisible shields against drops, bumps, scratches, and clumsiness.

If you’re sure you need just a thin film or convinced you won’t live without tons of tempered glass, there’s a solution for everyone. And although getting sturdier screens would be good, meanwhile this is the only solution we have, and it works pretty well.

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