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How Much Data Does Spotify Use When Streaming

In this article, we will be discussing how much data Spotify use when streaming.


In this article, we will be discussing how much data Spotify use when streaming.

How Much Data Does It Use?

Spotify uses anywhere from half a megabyte (MB) up to 8MB for a typical song. 

A full hour of streaming music uses up to 150MB of data, making 6GB of mobile data in a month.

The Spotify app uses four different audio settings: 

  • Low: 24 kbps 
  • Normal: 96 kbps 
  • High: 160 kbps 
  • Very High: 320 kbps 

It’s important to understand that the higher the streaming quality, the more mobile data it will use.

How Much Data Spotify Use per Song?

The average song released in 2020 is approximately 3½ minutes long. 

At the lowest quality, Spotify songs only use 600 kilobytes or a little more than half a megabyte (MB).

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Spotify Premium subscribers can open Very High streams (320 kbps), propelling each song’s consumption to 8.4MB. 

To Listen to a full 12-song album, you will need up to 50MB or 100MB if you’re on Spotify Premium.

Spotify Data Use per Hour

High-quality streams use up to 12MB for every 10 minutes of streaming, or 75MB per hour. 

For premium users, that doubles to 150MB for an hour. 

And If you’re streaming at its lowest quality, you’ll only use about 10MB per hour.

Spotify Data Use Per Month

On high quality, the regular commute uses more than 3GB of mobile data per month.

If you’re a Premium subscriber, you should take advantage of the opportunity to download music to your device. 

Does It’s Premium Downloaded Songs Use Data?

While connected to Wi-Fi, You can load up to 10,000 songs on your mobile device and play your music without using your data plan. 

How To Use Less Data In Spotify

A single Premium subscription opens options to devalue your cell phone data plan and save money.

Download Music to Your Phone with Spotify Premium

It’s Premium plans start at $9.99/month (50% off if you’re a university student) and go up to $12.99 for a couple, or $14.99 for a family plan with up to six accounts. 

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You can download up to 10,000 songs for listening offline. 

The app can be configured to download any interesting new songs automatically and there’s Offline Mode that restricts playback to only use songs on the device.

Turn On Spotify’s Data Saver Mode

The fastest and simplest way to keep data use down is to enable Data Saver. 

This simple on/off switch lowers audio fidelity to 24 kbps and reduces mobile data use by up to 85%. 

Data Saver also disables Artist Canvas visuals, which saves even more data. 

Track Data Use by Spotify

To find out how much data it has used on your Apple iPhone, look for Mobile Data on your phone settings. 

Can I Use It On Unlimited Data Plans?

Some mobile providers have plans that allow you to continue downloading at slower rates, Once you hit your monthly data cap.

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