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Google Chrome Gains 3 Generative AI Features To Make Browsing Easier

Google Chrome gains AI features into its widely-used Chrome web browser. The forthcoming release for Mac and Windows promises a trio of cutting-edge features harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Author:Daniel BarrettJan 24, 20245124 Shares106750 Views
In a groundbreaking update, Google Chrome gains AI featuresin its widely-used Chrome web browser. The forthcoming release for Mac and Windows promises a trio of cutting-edge features harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Brace yourself for an intelligent tab organization system, customizable themes, and an invaluable writing assistant for crafting web content, spanning from forum posts to online reviews.
This leap forward echoes the innovative capabilities of Google's experimental AI search experience, SGE (Search Generative Experience), offering users assistance in drafting diverse content with varying tones and lengths. Chrome users, get ready for a smarter and more personalized browsing experience.

Google Chrome Gains AI Features

Google Chrome on a laptop
Google Chrome on a laptop
In a bid to make the Chrome browsing experience more streamlined and user-friendly, Google is set to introduce three innovative AI-assisted features in the upcoming browser release.
Google's revolutionary "tab groups" feature is a game-changer for users grappling with an overflow of open tabs. This AI-driven functionality automatically suggests and creates groups based on the user's open tabs. Ideal for multitasking professionals or travel enthusiasts researching multiple facets of a trip, users can activate this feature by right-clicking on an open tab and selecting "Organize Similar Tabs." The browser's AI intuitively identifies tabs with similar content, groups them together, and even suggests a name and emoji for easy identification.
Chrome's new AI-powered writing assistant aims to elevate the user's writing prowess, particularly in public spaces like online reviews, social mediaposts, or emails to companies. By simply right-clicking on any text field in Chrome and selecting "Help me write," users can harness the AI's understanding of their context and receive assistance in refining their expression. While this feature is slated to be available next month, it promises to empower users with more confidence in their online communication.
Following the success of AI-generated wallpapers on the Google Pixel 8, Chrome is introducing the ability to create personalized themes using AI. Users can craft themes based on moods, colors, art styles, and more by choosing from a list of preselected words. For instance, a theme could feature an "aurora borealis in an animated style with a serene" mood. To set up an AI-created theme, users can navigate to the "Customize Chrome" panel, choose "Change theme," and then select "Create with AI."
While the writing assistant feature is expected next month, the tab organizer and theme generator are set to roll out in the coming days. Google has also hinted at more AI and machine learning features slated for later this year, including the integration of its cutting-edge AI model, Gemini.

Final Thoughts

In a significant stride towards an enhanced user experience, Google is set to revolutionize its Chrome browser with a comprehensive artificial intelligence upgrade. The techgiant, renowned for its innovative use of AI in Pixel smartphonesand the introduction of the Gemini family of Large Language Models (LLMs) to rival OpenAI's GPT, is now extending its AI prowess to Google Chrome.
With a recent major update, the browser is set to unveil experimental AI features designed to simplify various work-life tasks, marking a notable evolution in the capabilities of this widely-used platform. Stay tuned as Google Chrome undergoes a transformative AI-driven makeover, promising a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience for users worldwide.
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