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Does ESPN+ Offers A Free Trial? Everything You Need To Know


The answer is No; ESPN+ no longer offers a free trial. Though the service had a free trial, the trial was stopped as it grew. However, ESPN+ allows you to cancel a monthly subscription anytime, making the ESPN+ cost about as economical as it can be.

It does not require a cable subscription as it is a live sports streaming service. And that makes it popular among people who are only looking for that niche sport that might not be on TV or those looking to go above and beyond what can be found in the traditional outlets.

It consists of numerous live sports that you can’t find easily anywhere else in the United States. And the strategy has been working. It hit its first million subscribers in late 2018. Halfway through 2021, it had nearly 14 million subscribers.

Does ESPN+ Offer A Free Trial?

Save On With The Disney Bundle

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As known, ESPN+ on its own is excellent. But getting it as part of the fabled “Disney Bundle” is even better. Instead of getting ESPN only, you’ll get that service, plus Hulu and Disney+, for $13.99 a month. If you want to get rid of adverts on the Hulu on-demand content, you can do that with a few extra dollars. For $72 a month, you get ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu With Live TV, which includes the on-demand content available on Hulu with just $7 more a month than if you were to get Hulu With Live TV on its own.

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How To Sign Up For ESPN+

  • Visit the ESPN+ splash page.
  • Click the button labeled Sign Up Now.
  • Log in with your ESPN.com account. 
  • Enter your payment information, including credit card and billing information, or choose to link to PayPal. Click Buy ESPN+.
  • Check the information to make sure it is correct and have selected the right plan for you. It will show you how much you will be billed and when it will renew.
  • You will see a Success page if everything is done correctly.
  • Click Get Started to start watching ESPN+ as part of your free trial.

You’re now signed up for ESPN+. You can watch as much as you want in the first month for only $6. Do constant checking before the end of the month if you’re going to cancel it. Otherwise, stick around and enjoy some of the best live sports streaming anywhere.

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