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The Best 8 Factorio Mods

In this article, we will be exploring ways to install a factorio mod and we have also collated the 8 best factorio mods.

In this article, we will explore ways to install a factorio mod, collating the eight best factorio mods.

How To Install Factorio Mods

Note: Factorio has its own in-built Mod installer. 

  • Launch the game
  • Set the ‘Mods’ button on the main menu. 
  • You’ll discover tons of Factorio mods available to download.
    • The mod menu allows you to manually scan through different categories and search for mods. 
    • To install a mod, click on it in the search results bar, and select ‘Install’ on the right-hand side.

Here Are 8 Best Factorio Mods

1. Alien Biomes

Alien Biomes fixes issues such as bland display etc., by adding new, colorful environments to the base game to make it more exciting.

While the second version of the mod adds high-resolution terrain textures, just in case, the vanilla look isn’t nice enough for you.

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2. Bob’s Mods

Bob’s Mods expand just about every facet of the game, adding new ores, research tech, metals and materials, power options, weapons, etc.

Bob’s Mods are constructed for veteran players to add further complexity to the base game.

Factorio Mods

3. Bottleneck

The Bottleneck is designed to help improve the efficiency of your factory. Bottleneck indicates and notifies you of problem areas within your factory by adding a traffic-light system to key production structures and helping you solve them.

The Red lights show a problem with input, while yellow lights show issues with output.


Not only did GDIW helps you establish much tighter chemical production lines. 

It also allows you manually change the input and output of particular pipes in oil refineries, chemical plants, and other liquid-based structures. 

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5. Mobile Factory (Factorio)

Mobile Factory puts a tank into your inventory so that it can open up a 30×30 construction grid when deployed.

You can build on this as you would anywhere else on Factorio’s planet. 

You can drive it around the world like any other vehicle.

Factorio Mods

6. Rampant

Not only does Rampant adds a host of new AI behaviors to the game’s hostile alien bugs, but it also analyzes your defenses for weak spots and makes withdrawals when getting pummelled by your turrets and more.

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7. Solar Walls

Solar Walls combines the two and create a new version of a regular wall with solar panels on top.

It helps to save space when running your factory on clean energy.

8. Factorio Squeak Through

Factorio Mods

SqueakThrough reduces the crash detection between objects. It also makes it easier for Biters to get through gaps. 

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