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How To Easily Customize Your Nintendo Switch Home Screen

The Nintendo Switch is a great games console that can be played both handheld and on your TV. It's packed full of amazing games,...

How to Watch Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch

Disney is a well-known streaming service compatible with so many devices, but Disney hasn’t officially announced that users can stream on gaming consoles like...

How to Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch

It is essential to know how to turn off your Nintendo device because it is a crucial way to keep your console charged and ready to...

Best Multiplayer Games On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch remains one of the game consoles that's not always easy to find in stock. It is a better pick than the smaller Switch Lite for...

How To Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

We all know that devices like controllers need to be charged to use. But not everyone knows that there are things to factor in...

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is quite mobile, allowing you to play anywhere. However, you might want to keep things quiet in a public place. The...