New EU Regulation Gives Developers More Protection and Transparency in App Store Review

    Transparency in App Store Review

    New EU Regulation Gives Developers More Protection and Transparency in App Store Review

    European Union has passed new regulations aimed at safeguarding the App Store developer’s interest. The App Store developers will be protected by the new rules and are expected to bring in a higher level of transparency.

    In the new rules, which came into force on Sunday, app developers will have more of an opportunity to answer back against attempts by Apple pulling content from the App Store. Platforms like the App Store will have to provide 30 days notice to game publishers and developers before apps are pulled.

    Theoretically, the rule will give developers more of an opportunity to petition Apple with an appeal before it is removed from sale. Currently, developers have to deal with Apple’s decisions with minimal warning, with relatively little notice given by the iPhone maker.

    Apple has come under the scrutiny of regulators for giving preferential treatment to its app and services. Furthermore, Google is paying Apple billions to be the default search engine, and even this deal has garnered the attention of regulators. As mentioned earlier, Apple needs to indicate if it is giving preferential treatment to specific developers or third-party services.

    Transparency in App Store Review

    Another change in the regulations, as detailed by MCVUK, will require Apple to be more transparent regarding its ranking systems. In theory, this will hopefully provide more data to developers in how their apps appear in App Store sales charts and search results, and where best to optimize their listings for better results.

    Developers are upset with Apple mandating in-app purchases. Apple rejected the Hey email app from the app store as it didn’t offer In-App purchases. The App Store review is governed by Apple guidelines and mandates using the in-app purchase option. This way, Apple retains part of revenue before passing it on the developers.

    Recently, the company altered the App Review process and allowed developers to challenge guidelines. Moreover, Apple has also assured that it will not delay routine bug fixes.

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