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How to Troubleshoot a Sharp TV with the OPC Light Flashing


OPC (Optical Picture Control) light flashing on Sharp television most likely indicates an error. However, the Sharp television system makes use of several lights to indicate activity and create awareness among users of potential errors. So, any blinking activity on your Sharp TV Optical Picture Control (OPC) is surely indicating activities or notifying you of potential errors on your television. In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot a Sharp TV with the OPC (Optical Picture Control) light flashing.

However, whenever you notice the constant blinking of the flashing light, you are required to troubleshoot your television to narrow down the problem and seek a solution. Problems can arise from hardware issues or the firmware installed on the television. After diagnosing the situation, you need to determine the best possible solution for the television.

Television is quite expensive these days and it is very disappointing when you invest money in a TV, and the television stopped working all of a sudden. If you notice your Sharp TV won’t turn on, has no picture, has no sound or it keeps flashing, it is more than likely that you can get the problem fixed yourself.

How to Troubleshoot a Sharp TV with the OPC Light Flashing

Many issues with your Sharp TV can be fixed with a firmware update or by resetting the TV. However, there are a few steps involved to get your television working again. Follow the below steps to do that:

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Step One: Diagnosing the Problem

When the Sharp TV doesn’t turn on, the power lights are blinking or other issues arise while the Sharp TV OPC light is blinking, attempt to determine if the problem is hardware or firmware related. Check if the television is excessively heating by feeling the TV set. Overheating can indicate a broken fan or another malfunctioning piece of hardware that is causing the television to run without displaying the screen. However, the issue may be related to firmware or updates if the television is not overheating or making irregular noises.

Additionally, you can also check if the television has power, the television is well-ventilated, the remote is working, all connections to and from the TV are working, and the settings on your TV and connected devices are correct.

Step Two: Fix the Problem

To fix your Sharp TV not working, the standard troubleshooting methods include performing a full reset, a hard reset, a firmware update, or a factory reset. You will be shown how to perform each of those ones after the other below. Make sure you perform all solutions to learn which one works for you:

Solution One: Perform a Full Reset

  • Begin by running a power cycle reset.
  • Unplug the television and wait a few minutes for the power to drain.
  • Plug the television directly into the wall to rule out a bad power strip.
  • Turn the TV back on and check the light.

Solution Two: Perform a Hard Reset

A power outage or power surge can cause your Sharp TV to start malfunctioning. Performing a hard reset will clear the errors from the TV’s memory without erasing any of your downloaded content or preferences.

  • Turn OFF your television and all devices connected.
  • Unplug the TV from the wall outlet.
  • Then, press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds.
  • Wait for another 10 minutes with the TV unplugged.
  • Now, plug the TV and devices back in.
  • Turn on the TV.

Solution Three: Firmware Update

Keeping your television’s firmware updated can help fix any bugs or errors that might occur in the previous model of the firmware. Here’s how:

  • Push the ‘Menu’ button on the remote control.
  • Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Support’, then click on ‘Software Update’.
  • If a new version of the firmware is available, confirm the installation.

Solution Four: Factory Reset

A Sharp TV can be easily factory reset in two different ways. Note that both ways will surely erase all your downloaded content and your saved preferences. However, this is the most effective at clearing errors in your TV.

How to Factory Reset Without a Remote

  • Unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  • Hold down both the ‘Channel Down’ button and the ‘Input’ button on the TV.
  • Continue holding these two buttons as you plug the TV back into the power socket.
  • Then, release the buttons once the TV has completed start-up.
  • Now, click ‘Factory Reset’ from the ‘Service Mode’ menu.
  • Wait for the TV to restart.

How to Factory Reset using the Remote

  • Push the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘System’.
  • Now, click on ‘Support’ and choose ‘Setup’, then tap Factory Reset.
  • Press the ‘Ok’/’Play’ button three times to start the reset, or select ‘Reset’ and enter your TV passcode. This default passcode is ‘1234’.

Step Three: Check for Hardware Problems

If a full reset fails to fix the problem, a hardware malfunction may exist. Fixing hardware requires specialty parts and the ability to take the television apart to access and replace parts. The process is advanced and not recommended for anyone without special skills and tools. Have your television analyzed by a professional and get a repair quote to determine if the hardware is worth the repair price. In some cases, checking the television for a warranty or electing for a replacement is the best route.

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