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How To Transfer Your Music From iTunes To Android


Even though streaming services like Spotify and Tidal are taking over the market, many music lovers prefer to download and save their music to their hard drives. This tutorial explains how to transfer your music from iTunes to Android.

Despite its flaws and the fact that Apple is moving away from the venerable service, Apple’s iTunes is still one of the most popular ways to do so, but it isn’t easy to sync your iTunes library with an Android device.

There is no iTunes for Android, so you’ll need to go through a few extra steps to get everything working. There are a few ways to transfer your music from iTunes to any Android phone or tablet, which we’ve listed below. Check out the article and decide which method is right for you.

How to transfer your music from iTunes to Android

With Apple’s focus now on Apple Music, iTunes is being left behind. There isn’t an iTunes app for Android, but Apple does offer an Apple Music app on Android devices.

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You can sync your iTunes music collection to Android using the Apple Music app. You just have to confirm that iTunes on your PC and the Apple Music app are both signed in using the same Apple ID. Also, You need to be an up-to-date Apple Music subscriber.

  • Start by opening iTunes on your PC and clicking Edit > Preferences.
  • In the “General” tab, make sure the option for “iCloud Music Library” is enabled and then click “OK” to confirm.
  • If you need to manually begin syncing songs to your iCloud storage, click File > Library > Update iCloud Music Library.
  • You may need to allow some time for your entire library to sync to iCloud. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t have an obvious progress bar showing how long it takes for this process to complete.
  • Once your iTunes library is fully synced to iCloud, open the Apple Music app on Android and tap the “Library” tab at the bottom.

Your iTunes music collection will be listed here. Tap one of the relevant tabs such as “Artists” or “Songs.” Press on one of the songs or artists to begin playing your music. If you want your music available for offline playback, press the download icon in the “Songs” tab or in individual “Album” listings.

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Copy Your Music Files from iTunes to Android Manually

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t fit well into the Apple ecosystem. While iTunes will sync music files to iOS and iPadOS devices, it won’t do the same with Android devices. You’ll need to manually copy your music library to Android instead.

There are plenty of methods for doing this, including transferring files over a direct USB connection between your PC and Android, by using cloud storage like Google Drive, or by using a flash drive with a suitable USB OTG adapter.

If you’re transferring your iTunes music to Android over a direct USB connection, and supposing your iTunes music is being held in the default iTunes music folder, open Windows File Explorer and head to the “C:\Users\\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\” folder.

Replace with your user account folder. From here, select the folders carrying your music files and then right-click and hit “Copy” or press Ctrl+C.


View your Android device in Windows File Explorer. Choose a suitable location on your device and then paste your copied iTunes folders to that location by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard or right-clicking and selecting the “Paste” button. Once copied, use a third-party Android music app to play your music collection on your Android device.

If you’re looking for an easier method to transfer music files between iTunes and Android, an alternative to manual file transfer is doubleTwist Sync. This software for Windows bridges the gap between Android and iTunes. It lets you sync your music collection between Android devices and iTunes in both directions. New music files on your Android device will sync to iTunes and vice versa. It will also work over Wi-Fi, allowing you to transfer your music files without needing a direct USB connection.

Transfer Music From iTunes To Android

Start by downloading and installing the doubleTwist software to your PC. Once you open doubleTwist Sync, you’ll be asked to connect your device over USB or use the AirSync app to connect over WiFi.

AirSync isn’t free, so connecting your device using USB is the cheapest method. Once you connect your Android device, doubleTwist will display used and available space on your device. Click the “Music” tab on the top menu.

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If you want to sync files from iTunes to Android, click the “Sync Music” checkbox. You’ll also need to click the checkboxes for the listed subcategories, including “Albums” and “Artists.” If you also want to sync files from Android back to iTunes, click the “Import New Music and Playlists” checkbox.

When you’re prepared to begin syncing your files, click the “Sync Now” button. Your iTunes music files will begin moving to your Android device, while any missing music files on your Android device will transfer to your PC to join the rest of your iTunes collection.

Once this process is done, you can then begin playing your music on both your PC and your Android device using an apt music playback app.

Sync iTunes with Google Play Music

The cloud has transformed the way people interact with their files, and music is not left out. Presently, with Google Play Music, you can sync your complete iTunes library to the cloud and vibe to it wherever you go. It’s undoubtedly the easiest way to sync a large number of files from iTunes to Android. There are, however, a couple of important cautions.

First of all, an internet connection is very essential, at least for the initial setup. Because Google Play Music is basically a music streaming service/cloud storage, you will pretty much be using your data all the time unless you pin all your albums. Pinning simply downloads the music to your phone’s storage. There’s also a 50,000-song limit, but this probably won’t be an issue unless you have a truly immense library.

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Sync iTunes with Google Play Music

  • Download Google Play Music Manager to your PC.
  • Install the program and run it.
  • During set-up, there will be an option to upload songs to Google Play.
  • Select iTunes and finish the initial setup.
  • Sit back and let the program upload all your songs to Google Play Music.

Stream iTunes on Android with Apple Music

If you don’t want to abandon the Apple/iOS ecosystem entirely, then Apple Music is a good way to access iTunes on Android. There is not an iTunes app for Android, but there is an Android app for Apple Music.

Like Google Play Music, it allows you to stream your entire iTunes library from your Android phone or any other device by simply logging into your Apple Account.

Apple Music also allows you to stream 50 million songs and listen to curated playlists, but there is a catch. Unlike Spotify, there is no free version. In order to stream iTunes music to Android, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. If that’s not a deal-breaker, here’s how to do it.

How to stream iTunes on Android with Apple Music

  • Open iTunes on your PC and navigate to Preferences.
  • In the General tab, turn on iCloud Music Library and click OK. The option is grayed out unless you have an Apple Music account.
  • Download the Apple Music app on your Android device.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Your iTunes music should be available to stream.

Fixing Lost iTunes Music

If you’re not able to find your iTunes music, there are a number of ways to fix it:

  • Make sure you’re signed in to the same Apple ID on both devices.
  • Update the app to the latest version on all devices.
  • Refresh your iCloud library by going to File > Library > Update iCloud Music Library.

Syncing iTunes and Android with a third-party app

Numerous third-party programs permit you to directly move your iTunes music to Android. One of the handiest happens to be the doubleTwist app for Windows. This application lets you transfer your playlists, music, and videos from iTunes to your Android phone.

When syncing files with doubleTwist, be sure that the copied music files will be stored in the Music folder inside the internal memory of the phone or tablet.

Easy steps to sync iTunes to Android with doubleTwist

  • Install and launch doubleTwist on your computer.
  • Connect your Android device to the computer. Make sure USB Mass Storage mode (or MTP) is enabled.
  • Your device should be recognized automatically, which will trigger a syncing window.
  • On the Music tab in doubleTwist, place a checkmark beside Sync music and select all the sections you want to be sent to your phone (playlists, albums, artists and genres).
  • Tap the Sync now button at the lower-right corner to begin transferring your music to your Android phone.

This concludes the end of our guide on how to switch the apps and files of your music between an Android and an iOS. We hope this helps you to cut costs and save time in vibing to your music.

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