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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Everything You Need To Know!


The excitement that comes with playing Animal Crossing would have you wishing that you could play with your buddies, it’s that interesting. This article explains everything you need to know about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

What’s new in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Firstly, is the new garden event currently ongoing? Kapp’n needs help finding super irregular ladybugs called Dappledots. Your goal is to collect as many of them as possible by planting seasonal rare sunflowers in your garden that will attract them. Share your Dappledots with friends for rewards. Compile them to reap exclusive clothing and decorations from Kapp’n. Trade your harvested sunflowers to Lloid in exchange for crafting materials and essence. The event is only 10 days long, from July 5 – 15, so you’d better get going!

What is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

Similar to its console equivalent, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a time-based simulation game where players act as a custodian for a group of adorable animals. In the mobile spinoff, you’re in charge of a campsite instead of a village.

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You play a campsite manager whose job it is to create the ideal “glamping” spot for your animal friends. As you accomplish tasks around the campground, like harvesting fruit and helping out visitors, you’ll earn materials that you can take to the blacksmith to turn into cool furniture. The more decked out your campsite gets, the more animals will visit.

You’ll also receive “leaf tickets” (and other items). Which are in-game currencies that can be used to speed up how long it takes to harvest items, finish tasks, craft items, and more.

How much does it cost?

For the most part, it’s free. In addition, you can casually play the entire game without feeling compelled to spend real money. There are times when you might want to bypass the wait time and use items that help speed up growth processes and the like. Most items that speed things up cost Leaf Tickets, which aren’t as fast to recharge as Bells. If you run out of Leaf Tickets, you might be drifting over that “Buy Now” button. Especially when it comes to getting character-themed fortune cookies within the time frame they’re available. So far, I’ve spent less than $10 since its launch in November 2017.

What devices can I play it on?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available on iOS and Android devices. As long as you sign in with your Nintendo Account, your game progress can be saved across devices.


Here’s the rundown of how the game is played.

1. Gain rewards by logging in every day


One of the simplest things you can do to gain rewards is to simply log in once a day. Even if you don’t have time to invest that day, just logging in will get you some (in-game money currency) bells, furniture, materials, avatar items, and even valuable Leaf Tickets. Over time these rewards will add up. There might be timed limited rewards too, so you don’t want to forget to log in when you can.

2. Goals and the Mailbox

There are two types of Goals in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. These change regularly and can be found in the menu on the right of the screen (the icon that looks like Isabelle’s head). You have a briefer time in which to finish Timed goals and the rewards are normally minor. Stretch goals take longer but the rewards are enormous. You can see the progress of individual goals on the goals screen. You will be able to achieve many of these goals through ordinary gameplay. Don’t forget, after you’ve pressed ‘collect all’ you need to then visit the mailbox to collect your rewards.

3. Add friends!


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Adding scores of friends to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has its advantages. You can either add friends through friend codes or by linking up with your Facebook/Twitter account. If your friends have also linked their game up with Facebook/Twitter you’ll be able to find them easily. If you have any spare items you no longer need or are just desperate for bells, you can put them up for sale and your friends can buy them from you. You can also see what your friends have for sale.

If your friends have a shovel symbol next to their name, they are soliciting help to get into the Shovelstrike Quarry. In Shovelstrike Quarry you can dig up rare minerals for a lot of bells. You can either use hard-earned 20 Leaf Tickets for entry or, with the help of just five friends, you can get in for free. Be sure to regularly check which friends need help. You also get rewarded with bells for helping your friends.

4. Connect a My Nintendo account for big rewards

Connecting your game to your My Nintendo account also has advantages. Similar to other Nintendo-connected mobile titles (Miitomo, Fire Emblem) you can earn virtual coins on your account just for playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. These coins can then be redeemed for various rewards such as materials, avatar items, and even valuable Leaf Tickets!

It’s free to create a My Nintendo account. Also, if you wish to play cross-platform – starting on iPad and playing on the go on an Android mobile phone – your data will be restored and you can pick up from where you left off.

For example, you can get a massive 50 Leaf Tickets for free by connecting your My Nintendo account and redeeming the reward. Very useful!

5. Collect everything


Even though your inventory will be small to start with, it pays to collect everything you can. Shake every tree for fruit and collect it, so the fruit can start thriving again. Collect every shell you find on the beach, and if you exit and re-enter the area more shells should spawn. Bugs and fish also respawn regularly if you leave and return to the area. You can always put any spare items you don’t have space for or need up for sale. Bells and materials are everything in this game, as you will need them for Animal Quests and making furniture to make your camp look great. Leave no stones unturned!

6. Finish all the Animal Quests


Do every quest you possibly can. When you first meet an animal they will give you very basic quests to achieve. The more you finish quests for an Animal their level will heighten. As their level boosts, they will provide more demanding quests, and you can invite them to visit your camp. If you’ve been compiling everything you find while playing, you can level up your friendship levels with the animals fairly rapidly. Even if they don’t have any quests at the time, don’t neglect to just have a friendly chat with them, as that will also increase their friendship level.

Just like the main series Animal Crossing titles, should you befriend an Animal, you could be given their framed photo as a gift. There’s a lot of Animals in this game, mind. It might take you a long time to expand all of them to your assortment.

7. Be patient and use your Leaf Tickets wisely

As with a lot of free to start/play mobile games, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp does feature some events which are clocked. Making furniture in the game takes time. It can be anything from one minute to days to create one furniture item. To speed this up you can use Leaf Tickets. You can also use Leaf Tickets to get quests sharper from animals who are not present after anything.

You can amass Leaf Tickets through gameplay as you finish timed and stretch goals. As you can guess, these goals won’t be too simple to achieve, but you can also purchase them through your My Nintendo account with Animal Crossing coins.

So if you want to stay away from dropping money on Leaf Tickets through the Google Play/App Store (they cost from 99p up to £38.99 for the highest bundle), spend your Leaf Tickets wisely.

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