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How To Install Minecraft Forge Mods

In this guide, we'll take you through all the steps to access and use Minecraft Forge for all your modding needs


Minecraft Forge Mods – Minecraft Forge is the best and simplest way to mod Mojang’s blocky sandbox. If you want to mod in Minecraft, it’s basically your one stop shop.

It’s not all good news though: Minecraft Forge only works with Java Edition, so keep that in mind if you’ve got the Windows 10 Bedrock Edition.

If you are looking to get into the mod scene, then the good ol’ Java version is the way to go.

Just how Minecraft Forge is an excellent resource for mods, PC Gamer is an excellent resource for guides (smooth segue, no?).

We’ve got tips on how to tame and breed horses, how to make a Soul Campfire, how to respawn Anchors, how to get Ancient Debris, how to get blackstone, and plenty more besides.

Here though, we’ll take you through all the steps to access and use Minecraft Forge for all your modding needs.

Modding can be quite a difficult process in some games, but Minecraft Forge makes it all relatively simple.

Minecraft Forge Mods

Added to that, the Minecraft modding community is massive, so any question you have, it will already have been asked and answered. Now, without much further ado, let’s forge ahead.

Minecraft mods are not in short supply, so when it comes to managing the Forge mods you’re using in Mojang’s sandbox game, the sheer volume of mods can be a tad overwhelming.

Minecraft Forge only works for the Java Edition, so if you’re not living your best modding life on the original PC version, then there’s plenty of fun to be had exploring Minecraft PE seeds to keep your busy for hours.

When approaching Minecraft Forge for the first time, it can be a little daunting. But don’t fret, it’s pretty simple to set up and once you get started, you’ll have one place to keep track of all your mods, whether that’s tweaking your interface or spicing up your exploration.

Here’s how to install Minecraft Forge, and use it to install mods.

Go for the recommended download to avoid potential bugs in the latest version.

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How To Add A Mod To Minecraft

Forge won’t come with mods built into it, so you’ll need to find them yourself. You can find all sorts of “Minecraft” mods through Google, and websites like minecraftmods.com .

There are thousands of “Minecraft” mods, with new ones being added each day. minecraftmods.com

Once you’ve found one that’s appealing, save the file to your newly-created Forge mods folder. The address on your PC will be: C:Users[your username]AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods

On a Mac, it’ll be: [your computer’s name] > Macintosh HD > Users > [your username] > Library > Application Support > minecraft > mods

In place of [your username], insert the name of the account you’re using on your computer.

Once you’ve done that, you can check that the mod is enabled by clicking the “Mods” tab on the “Minecraft” main menu (see above), then confirming that the mod is listed in the left column beneath the “Minecraft” version you’re running.

A quick tip: Like with any installation, you may need to restart your PC before seeing the mod’s changes take effect.

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