How To Fix It When Facebook Dating App Is Not Working

    Many Users always encounter problem with their Facebook Dating when navigating through the app itself, such problems may include: Facebook Dating is not showing up in the Facebook app, Facebook Dating won’t load, The Facebook app keeps crashing and a lot more. In this tutorial, we will be explaining how to fix it when Facebook dating app is not working.

    If Facebook Dating is not working properly on your devices, you can start by updating your Facebook app or check if your internet connection is stable.

    Why Is Facebook Dating Not Working?

    The reason why your Facebook dating not working may survive one of the reasons below:

    1. The Facebook app needs to be updated.
    2. Facebook Dating is down for everyone.
    3. You have notifications blocked.
    4. Internet connection Problem
    5. Your mobile device’s cache data is corrupted.

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    What To Do When Facebook Dating Is Not Working

    1. Update the Facebook app: Check if your Facebook app is up to date, if not you need to update the Facebook mobile app to the most recent version. 
    2. Check your Wi-Fi connection: Check if your wifi connection is stable, that is if you you’re using one, if not, check your  mobile data plan, there are a few things you can try to fix it when your mobile data not working.
    3. Turn on the Facebook app notifications: Confirm if your app notification is on, if not, make sure to turn notifications back on.
    4. Clear your mobile device’s cache: Clearing the cache on your mobile device can resolve any conflicts.
    5. Confirm If your the only one with this problem: If other users are experiencing the same problems with Facebook, then you have to wait till it’s resolved by the teams.
    6. Close the Facebook app: When you close apps on your devices, it can fix slight bugs problem that cause features to go missing.
    7. Restart your device: Turn your device off and on 
    8. Delete and reinstall the Facebook app: This could also help in some minor issues. 
    9. Contact the Facebook help center: Finally if all the tips mentioned above did not work for you, then you can reach out to Facebook’s technical support team.

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