How To Change The Margins On Your Google Docs

    A margin in Google docs is an unused space around a document it could be on the top, bottom, left or right sides, it can even be at the middle of your workspace, that does not have any text or images. Margin are the lines that keep your text from clashing with the edges of the article. In this tutorial, we will show you two proven ways on how to change the margin in Google Docs.

    There are two proven ways to set margin in Google Docs. 

    • Use of ruler to set the margin by dragging it with the mouse.
    • Type the margin (in inches) in the page setup dialog box.

    How To Change The Margin In Google Docs Using The Ruler

    • Go to Google Docs and open a new or existing document.
    • Find the ruler at the top of the document.

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    • To modify the left margin, find the rectangular bar with a downward  triangle beneath it.

    Beneath the Margin, set the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right margins to whatever you want. Choose OK when you’re done.

    • Select the grey area to the left of the Down-pointing triangle, the pointer will turn into an arrow, then drag the grey margin area to adjust the margin size.

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    • To alter the right margin, locate the down-pointing triangle on the right end of the ruler, and then drag the grey margin area to adjust the margin size.

    Now you should know it’s important to adjust your either right or left indents when modifying your margin, for example, when you select and drag the blue rectangle icon above the down-facing triangle, you’ll need to adjust the first-line indent. If you select and drag only the down-facing triangle, you’ll adjust the left or right indents, not the overall margins.

    How To Change The Margins In Google Document Using “Page Setup”

    • On google Document, Open A new File or an existing one.

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    • Click on “Page Setup…”
      • In the page setup dialog box, specified the exact margin you want in inches 
    • Finally Click OK.

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