Friday, July 1, 2022
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How To Cancel An Uber Ride After Being Matched With A Driver

In this article, we will be explaining how to cancel an Uber ride after being matched with a driver.

Uber is well known to everyone who wants a quick ride out of town or within the city; however, if you’re looking for how to cancel your already booked ride before or after you were matched with a driver.

No problem! Canceling an Uber ride is quick and easy. To avoid a cancellation fee, you’re required to be quick because if you don’t find a way to cancel within five minutes of a driver accepting your request, you’ll be hit with a fee. (In some cities, you only have two minutes to cancel.)

How To Cancel An Uber Before Being Matched With A Driver

If it’s only been a few minutes and your ride hasn’t been assigned yet, here’s how to cancel it:

  • Assuming the app is still looking for a driver, tap the bar at the screen’s bottom that reads “Finding your ride.”
  • Tap Cancel Trip.
  • Tap Yes, Cancel to confirm your cancellation.

Uber’s Cancellation Policy And Fees

Uber allows you to cancel a ride before and after being matched with a driver, but in some cases, you might be charged a cancellation fee.

When Is A Fee Charge And How Much Is It?

Cancellation fees can occur whether the rider or the driver cancels the ride. If the driver cancels the ride, the fee is usually charged because the driver had to wait longer than five minutes at the pickup location for the rider to show up.

However, Uber doesn’t list an actual standard amount or range for the cancellation fee on their website. The cancellation fee varies. Uber’s website states that the app will show you the cost before confirming your cancellation.

How To Cancel A Scheduled Uber Ride

  • Locate the three parallel bars at the top left of the app’s Home Screen and Tap them.
  • Tap “Your Trips” in the menu that pops out.
  • Tap the oval that reads “Past” at the top right corner of the screen, then hit “Upcoming.”
  • Tap “Cancel Ride,” then confirm by tapping the box that reads “CANCEL RIDE.”

Note: A cancellation fee is always required after your ride has been scheduled

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