Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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HomePod Operating System Now Based on tvOS Instead of iOS

Apple’s HomePod operating system is now based on tvOS instead of iOS, according to a new report from 9to5mac.

The 13.4 operating system update for HomePod was released in March, alongside new versions of iOS, iPadOS and tvOS. At the time, release notes claimed performance improvements and bug fixes, but it appears Apple made a larger change to HomePod’s OS that escaped notice until now.

watchOS, tvOS, and the software that run on the HomePod are all variants of iOS, but each one is differentiated by tweaks made for the device the software is intended to run on, featuring unique interfaces, APIs, and more.

HomePod operating system is now based on tvOS

9to5Mac believes that shifting the HomePod software to a tvOS base has the potential to save Apple some work, as both the Apple TV and the HomePod are always-on devices that are plugged in to power and won’t need the same optimizations as versions of iOS.

Word of the transition to tvOS arrives after Bloomberg on Monday reported that Apple is working on a new HomePod speaker that will be about half the size of the original, while maintaining the same design. It will feature a lower price the current HomePod, helping Apple compete with cheaper speaker options from companies like Amazon and Google.

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