Best Secure Email Providers Of 2021

Best Email Providers: In this article, we’ll talk about what to look for in a secure email service.

The best secure email providers make it simple and easy to protect your privacy and improve the security of your emails. When it comes to popularity and ease of use, Google and Microsoft are the best.

According to the Breach Level Index, over 13 million records have been spread or been lost in cybersecurity breaches since 2013. Of those 13 million records, a terrifying 96 percent weren’t encrypted.

Email is ancient technology compared to modern team communication tools, and it has technical limitations that make its epoch a barrier to security. When considering a secure email provider, note factors like data center location, end-to-end encryption, and zero-access guarantee. 

That is why we will be reviewing some of the most secure email providers currently in the market. The best that is perfect for conducting internal business communications and receiving sensitive information from other users. 

1. ProtonMail (Most popular secure email providers)

It is a secure email provider featuring end-to-end encryption and a zero-access guarantee. ProtonMail service was established in response to leaks from Edward Snowden and has its data centers based in Switzerland in an underground bunker strong enough to overcome a nuclear attack. It is “self-destructing” that is it automatically remove itself from the recipient’s inbox after a set time period. Moreover, no any sensitive information needed when signing up for a new account. The free plan comes with limited storage and messages and users looking for more may opt for any of its tiered premium plans.

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The is a secure email provider based in Germany. It has a very user-friendly interface, and, compatible with mobile devices and third-party clients. also comes with encrypted cloud storage, video conferencing features, a functional address book, a calendar, and a task planner. It is perfect for businesses looking for an encrypted workflow alternative to Google or Microsoft. Although, There is no free plan available, but the three premium-category plans are all very affordable. 

3. Zoho Mail

This Mail brand is a secure email hosting solution with a focus on data encryption and user-friendliness. Unlike other secure email providers, Zoho Mail tries to achieve a subtle balance between features and privacy to give users a peaceful experience. 

It offers additional features like a calendar, a task manager, and a contact portal. Zoho offers an encrypted environment in which data is safe whether it is stationary or on the move. The data on its servers can still be accessed by the company and subpoenaed by government agencies with a specific protocol to follow.

Zoho Mail comes with 3 paid plans: Mail Lite features 5GB of storage space per user. Mail Premium, which offers 50GB of space per user. There is also an additional plan which is suitable for users who would also like access to the company’s other solutions. Such as the web-based word processing and presentation software.

4. Posteo

With its data centers in Germany, Posteo is the email provider of choice for digital crusaders and activists. Posteo does not offer end-to-end encryption, since you can read in plain text by third parties if there is a leak. However, all data on its servers are safe, whether moving or stationary. 

Also, it uses a technology called DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE). This protects against hackers who want to impersonate the sender or the recipient to gain access to sensitive information. It doesn’t store any identifying data on its users and fights frequent legal battles to ensure the privacy of its users.

5. PrivateMail (Anonymized email providers service) for activists

Located in the United States, PrivateMail is prone to specific legal restrictions and doesn’t offer the same amount of privacy from law enforcement or government agencies as an email provider based in Germany or Switzerland. However, it offers end-to-end encryption and secure cloud storage, and also boasts some really strong security practices.

PrivateMail features a very secure cloud storage service that includes all of its plans. The cloud storage feature has options to synchronize files between different devices and with a specific folder on your computer. It comes with 10GB of email and cloud storage, and it’s Pro offers 20GB of space for email and cloud storage. There are business plans available for enterprise-level users offering 100GB of storage and a custom domain. 

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