Here Are 10 Best Things You Can Do With The Amazon Echo (Alexa)

    Planning to get a new Alexa Speaker? Here are the best tips and tricks to get you started. In this article, we will highlight 10 best things you can do with the Amazon Echo (Alexa).

    1. Make Phone Calls (Basically, Landline Calls)

    Alexa has been upgraded and can now be used to make calls to other her twin devices in other houses. 

    You can as well leave a message.

    Just note that anyone who has your number can call your Alexa speaker, but you can block unwanted incoming calls.

    2. Control Your Smart Home

    Alexa is best at Controlling your lights, door locks, appliances, switches.

    You can check online to see the smart home compatibility tool that she works with. 

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    Here are some cool features that she can do: 

    1. You can ask her to turn the lights on or off. 
    2. To Open or close your smart garage door. 
    3. You can ask her to change the room temperature. 
    4. She can help to make cooking better, but can’t cool for you.

    She can only help when it comes to telling you recipes to use for food.

    3. Get The News

    Alexa can let you know and brief you on what’s going on in the world. 

    This is known as Flash Briefing and can be customized to include the news sources you want to hear from. 

    4. Entertain Your Kids For Hours On End

    Alexa is full of games, Easter eggs, silly answers to silly questions, and much more to entertain your kids.

    5. Learn About More Features On Alexa

    Amazon made something called a Skill Finder, which you can use to, find other features on Alexa. 

    Get started by asking her to open Skill Finder” or tell Skill Finder to give me the skill of the day.”

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    6. Get Fit (Or Try To)

    Get her to give you fitness tips feedback.

    Here are some ways she can help you get healthy:

    1. Check on your FitBit stats and sync your Fitbit with Alexa.
      • Proceed by asking her to ask fit it how you’re doing today.
    2. Obtain nutrition information. 
    3. Do a workout. 
      • This can only be available after you enable the 7 Minute Workout skill.
      • Just say, “Alexa, Start 7 Minute Workout.”

    7. Send A Hug

    Let your friends and family know in seconds that you’re thinking of them by asking her to send a hug to them.

    8. Listen To Audiobooks Using Alexa

    Get her to read you a book while you are doing other things. 

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    9. Ask Her To Check Your Credit Card Balance

    • American Express-card holders can manage their accounts with the Amex Alexa skill.
    • Commanding “Alexa, to open Amex,” will allow you to connect your account.

    10. Find Your Favorite Restaurants Using Alexa

    Searching for a place to eat? Alexa got you covered, She has all the information you need about the business around you.

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